2 Californian police arrested in false reports

Two Southern California police officers have been arrested for filing false reports of a firearm arrest more than three years ago, authorities said.

Long Beach police officers Dedier Reyes and David Salcedo voluntarily surrendered on Friday. They were suspended from the department.

It was not immediately clear whether they had attorneys capable of speaking on their behalf and the Long Beach Police Officers Association, the union that represents officers, sergeants and lieutenants, did not respond to requests for comment on Saturday.

Police continued to work until their arrest even though Long Beach detectives noticed in February 2018 that there were discrepancies between their police reports on a firearm arrest and surveillance video.

“Through their review, detectives learned that the officers’ actions were inconsistent with their written reports,” Long Beach Police said in a press release Friday.

The police immediately released the person who had been arrested and did not seek charges against him.

The department is reviewing previous reports and arrests of Reyes and Salcedo. Agency officials did not return a request for further details on Saturday, such as why officers remained on post after the discrepancies were discovered.

Long Beach detectives brought a criminal case against Reyes and Salcedo in January 2019 to prosecutors. The arrest warrants against the officers were not issued until Friday.

Reyes, 38, was released on $ 2 bail Friday. The 16-year-old officer was arrested on suspicion of perjury, filing a false police report and filing a false government document.

Salcedo, 28, was released on $ 1 bail. The 5-year-old officer was convicted on suspicion of filing a false police report and filing a false government document.

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