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By: Daniel Martin

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Coronavirus restrictions are finally lifted. The explorer in us can start planning again for his desire to travel. But the financial pressure of the pandemic has been heavy on all of our pockets.

Travel enthusiasts will either have to limit their trips or find a way to make money while traveling. The second option is what we are going to talk about in this article.

1- Take travel blogs or write

A blogger is someone who writes regularly on different topics on the Internet. As a travel blogger, you can write about the different tourist destinations you visit. You can review food, hotels, and famous places, and post in-depth guest posts about them.

The investment is zero but it takes time to boost traffic to your blog. Blogging can be a great business idea for people who have a flair for writing creative articles. Businesses are willing to pay thousands of dollars for good content that draws an audience to their business.

To broaden your audience, you can browse beautiful places that are less known to people. For example, talk about a wonderful Caribbean country like Grenada. It’s a less well-known place so people would be more likely to be interested.

You can explain how people can get to Granada or how to get a Grenada passport. Here you can give your opinion on restaurants or give details on acquiring Grenadian nationality. Even a simple article on Grenada travel restrictions may interest your audience in your content.

Blogging can earn you a lot of money from your travel experiences.

2- Open a travel agency or a travel club

A travel agency is a good business idea for people who love to travel. These people have a lot of knowledge about sightseeing in exotic places or the best hotels to stay in the world. They can use it to provide the best deals to people. Investment could be a factor here. Travel agents must also be certified.

However, the Internet has given birth to remote travel agents. You can help people plan their vacations from the comfort of your own home. Give them different options like business trips, family vacations, and trips with your friends. You can capitalize on your rich travel experiences to guide people on their travels.

A travel club is different from a travel agency. A travel club offers membership to people based on similar interests. For example, an adventure club will offer travelers packages of places with the best adventure sports. It consists of a group of travelers who are passionate about the same thing and want to experience it together.

Both are specially designed for travel enthusiasts who can leverage their knowledge to start a business and travel at the same time.

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3- Become a social media influencer

If you have a large number of followers on your social media accounts, you can leverage it to promote products and brands. Sponsored tweets and posts can earn you a steady income. Influencer marketing is on the rise. Brands are willing to shell out a lot of money to promote their products online.

Here are a few ways to use your influencer skills for a business:

Start talking about your travel experiences on a Spotify podcast. People love to hear good stories. Spotify podcasts pay well after attracting a generous following.

Start an Instagram channel that talks about the history, culture or art of the different places you visit. If it draws a crowd, brands will rush to collaborate with you.

Make paid collaborations with other travelers or influencers.

Give your opinion on restaurants or hotels to promote them on the Internet. You can get paid for these promotions. It is a part of affiliate marketing which is getting very famous these days.

You can even launch your product line when you gain a regular following that is loyal to you.

You can document your travel experiences and review goods and services during the trip. It can save you money from reputable brands looking for organic ways to promote themselves.

You can create any type of content on the Internet. Audio-video content has more audiences these days than written blogs. You can document your travel diaries as a video and post them on YouTube. People get paid for the number of views.

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4- Use your photography skills to earn a lot of money

Some of the best photographs in the world have been taken by travel enthusiasts. Buy a professional camera to capture your trip. You will also need a bit of skill to learn how to take those awesome photos that are published in famous magazines or sold as works of art.

As a photographer, you can travel the world while earning money. After 2020, the traditional values ​​of work have changed. You don’t need office space or work staff to start your business. A working network and a laptop are the only mandatory things needed now.

This profile is ideal for people who have an eye for detail and are creative. They can help transform the face of an entire place using their camera lens.

I don’t think I took a vacation without looking at the photos of where I’m headed. Have you got?

5- Become a speaker

A speaker is someone who has a flair for storytelling. He engages audiences so well that he can attract large crowds to come and listen to him. If you are such a person, try your hand in this business. A speaker can inspire people to follow their dreams.

Public speakers travel the world to spread their message. They tell stories and guide people on certain topics. For example, you can talk about your travel experiences or a struggle you have encountered. These speakers offer something that people can learn from.

Public speakers don’t just speak in public, they document their ideas and stories in blogs, books, and articles. They can even hire a team to streamline their day-to-day operations. For someone who loves to travel, this seems like a generous business to get into.

To take with

Traveling and running a business at the same time can be a difficult feat. But you can handle it if you are passionate about travel. You can be your own boss and enjoy your dream destinations while making money.

Resume your long awaited expeditions. The business ideas mentioned in this article require very small investments. Give it a try and see for yourself how much this experience can change your life.

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