Author PJ Kerr’s new book ’40 Days of Sorrow’ is a moving collection of journal entries that document the author’s grief over the loss of his beloved son

PJ Kerr has completed her new book ’40 Days of Sorrow’: a powerful and moving look at the grief felt by a mother grappling with the loss of her only son, Brad. Unable to contact Brad and fearing the worst, Kerr’s worst fears came true when news of his son’s death reached him. What followed was a whirlwind of grief and a sense of loss that Kerr turned to journaling to overcome.

“There is no special name, like widow or orphan, for us parents who lose,” Kerr shares. “Mothers are deeply connected to those who came to earth thanks to us. I once read in a social media group, “during the loss of a child, we stand in the middle of the river of life, of heaven and earth”. There are deep insights or mysteries going on, and not everyone is aware of them. It’s my life now. A blessing and a curse.

“A lot of things happened before my eyes from day one. It all sounded like a dream. The unimaginable happened, and events told me that he was contacting me from the eternal state. I wrote at all hours of the night. I was compelled to write. I took pictures so as not to forget; once the shock passed, would I remember the details? Forty Days of Sorrow was primarily written and many photographs were taken during the first forty days after the death of my son, Bradley. I kept a diary and communicated through social media with many family members and friends. It was at the start of the COVID pandemic affecting the United States. The grief and isolation were deep. I collected my personal writings and photos about six months later to keep the integrity of the events and my state of mind during this process. My next move is to join the fight against the cause of his death.

Published by Page Publishing, PJ Kerr’s moving story pays tribute to his son and is an important cautionary tale about the devastating fentanyl poisoning epidemic. Fentanyl mixed with many non-lethal drugs and with just a very small amount of granular residue kills. Homicide by distribution. Kerr’s grieving process is shared in hopes of connecting with other parents who have lost their children to show that they are not alone in their pain.

Readers wishing to discover this poignant work can purchase “40 Days of Sorrow” in bookstores worldwide or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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