Ball State University Honors 2022 Summer Graduates

Ball State University honored more than 1,200 graduates Saturday during its Summer Launch Ceremony for the class of 2022.

The program took place at Worthen Arena on the beautiful Ball State campus.

As part of a centuries-old tradition, Ball State has selected an outstanding faculty member to address its summer graduates. On Saturday, Dr. W. Holmes Finch Jr., the George and Frances Ball Professor Emeritus of Educational Psychology at Ball State’s Teachers College, delivered his talk, “The Joys of Serendipity, or Wait, How Did It Come- he passed?”

Dr. Finch, who has taught and conducted research at Ball State since 2003, has been very active in helping master’s and doctoral students complete their theses and dissertations, and has served on approximately 400 dissertation and dissertation committees around the world. over the past 17 years.

Dr Finch told graduates in attendance on Saturday to try and enjoy the “pleasures of the unexpected”. During his senior year as an undergraduate, he said he needed an elective to fill his schedule. He signed up for a statistics course, acknowledging that he was no “math” and knowing that it didn’t fit his major, but as soon as he started the course, it was “the blow of lightning”.

“I ended up enjoying this course so much that I completely rethought what I had in mind for the future,” Dr. Finch said. “I changed my graduate plans, applied for a program in education statistics, and the rest is history. My almost accidental enrollment in this course led me to find a career I didn’t even know existed and has brought me many years of enjoyment and fulfillment.

Dr. Finch told graduates, “You’ll have your own unexpected statistics course.”

“You’ll find it sounds like something you’ve never heard of or even considered,” he continued. “And you’ll find that the things you’ve planned for yourself don’t always work out. But it’s okay, and sometimes it’s even good.

Ball State President Geoffrey S. Mearns commended Dr. Finch for his classroom leadership, research excellence, and lasting impact on the University’s students and on his profession.

President Mearns then offered his own advice to summer graduates, encouraging them to seek fulfillment rather than success and a life of meaning.

“Life is a gift, life is a precious gift. And to lead a meaningful life, you need to share that gift with people who need you. And to lead a meaningful life, I believe you must also embody certain core values, such as the enduring values ​​that are set forth in our Pledge of Benevolence,” said President Mearns. “Be sincere, be sincere and tell the truth. Models integrity and values ​​integrity in others. Be grateful – be grateful and demonstrate your gratitude through your actions. By your character, by your commitment, help us to create a more peaceful and just world. We believe in this better future because we believe in all of you. Graduates, good luck and fair winds.

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