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The first priority at Young Scholars Academy (YSA) is to connect with children and their parents to provide quality child care.

In business since 1995, YSA offers One-on-One, nationally recognized early childhood education program, and teachers who create happy and confident children and families in their child’s experience. For these reasons, YSA has earned a spot among Colorado Springs’ Best Workplaces for 2021.

“Our goal is to bond with children and families. We are not just another “daycare”, we are the partner of anyone who is crazy enough to raise children. Their brains, their development means a lot to us, ”said Jennifer Winters, Executive Director of YSA.

According to Winters, YSA’s daycare offers infant, toddler and preschool programs for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. What’s more, 87% of her recent graduates have passed kindergarten standards, she said. Children who enroll in YSA notice that the students are happy and learn better.

Additionally, YSA provides a connection by providing meal trains for families in need, children’s books when a family loses a pet, and donating socks and trees during the holiday season. Its classrooms provide a place for children to explore, discover and enjoy learning through hands-on experiences.

“YSA seeks to partner with parents to enhance the development and learning of each child. YSA shares the love and concerns of family members as they strive to lay the foundation for their happiness and success, ”said Winters.

This is not the first time that YSA has been voted one of the best places to work in the city, as the agency has also won top honors every year since 2018. Winters awarded the YSA team and its understanding of the daily work routine of the business for its continued success.

“It’s not just about changing diapers and sweeping the floors. It’s being an advocate for them, being someone the children can turn to. We collectively see our impact beyond the everyday and that is why we believe we are changing lives, ”said Winters.

According to Deputy Director Jordan Moylan, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the services provided by YSA. “We pivoted to go beyond what we thought were ‘normal’ communication practices and excel. (We) have recreated our program to keep the children safe, while also giving them the appropriate developmental program they need, ”Moylan said.

Looking at how the school has progressed over the past year, Moylan said YSA has continued to build its reputation despite not having as many staff as in previous years.

“Through all the hardships that have been imposed on us, our fundamental values ​​and our roots in the company have not changed. In fact, one could argue that they have changed just for the better. More appreciative of the little things, like being able to smile at yourself and stick your tongue out to give a little human laugh, ”Moylan said.

Going forward, YSA hopes to attract and interact with more families, Winters said. “We hope to be able to help more families with more space. We don’t consider ourselves (a) big (company), just a humble small company.

Moylan explained that serving families, past, present and future, is the most rewarding aspect of YSA by providing invaluable service to the community.

“It’s gratifying to know that families from 10 years ago continue to interact with us. Children now entering middle and high school say they want to come back to work at YSA for their first job. “Home” is what we often refer to and I don’t think it can be cherished enough, ”Moylan said.

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