Bettendorf school board unanimously invalidates parents’ petition

BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC) — The Bettendorf Community School District voted unanimously to invalidate a parents’ petition at Thursday night’s board meeting.

The petition with more than 1,200 signatures from parents in Bettendorf and beyond, called on the school board to hold a vote of no confidence in Superintendent Dr. Michelle Morse.

According to Iowa Code 279.8b, to be considered valid, a petition must have the signatures of 10 percent of the district’s eligible voters based on the school board’s last election or 500 eligible voters, whichever is greater. weaker.

However, according to District Attorney Wendy Meyer, regardless of false names and addresses outside the district, a minimum of 341 signatures would be nearly impossible to verify due to incomplete addresses and names.

Even if the signatures could be verified, Meyer said there were more issues invalidating the petition.

“There are a whole host of other code sections that will apply to the termination of an administrator in the district,” Meyer said. “Even though the petition did make it to the board, the board could not accommodate the petitioner’s request because it must follow procedures under Iowa Code 279 which provide legal provisions for termination and warranties. procedural.”

A few minutes earlier, in the public comment section, a few parents expressed frustration with the administration’s handling of student-to-student violence. Analicia Gomes, a petition organizer, said signatures from outside the district do not diminish their cause.

After multiple calls to the Scott County Auditor’s office, we know without a doubt that we have always met the percentage of signatures required to validate and file this petition,” Gomes said. “Please make an ethical decision and do what it takes to endorse this petition so we can begin to heal.”

In response to the petition, TV6 News reached out to the district Wednesday night for a statement. At 10:02 p.m. after our story aired, a district spokesperson provided a joint statement from the superintendent and school board president Rebecca Eastman.

Before Meyer spoke, Eastman read the statement for those present.

The Bettendorf Educational Association has not yet responded to TV6’s request for comment.

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