Biden left a generation of college graduates in debt


Your regrettable Sunday endorsement editorial states that “Biden is a man of compassion, honor and decency.” Anyone can see it. This is not true.

Biden gets a lot of “nice” press. But he tried to cut Social Security and Medicare for 40 years. He still lies about his support for the war in Iraq, a war based on a lie in which 4,500 young Americans died. And his bankruptcy bill – the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 – has buried an entire generation under a mountain of college debt they cannot escape even if they go bankrupt. .

These are not brain cramps. They are cruelty and water companies, and they do not deserve your support.

Tony Sterbenc, Barrington

A vote for Bernie is a vote for Trump

A vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote for Donald Trump. No conservative or moderate will ever support socialism.

I am a military veteran. I helped protect the freedoms of our nation. This election is not about “the establishment” or a “revolution”. We have received the gift of freedom, like owning our businesses and our homes. Allowing the government to tell you how much money you can make is incomprehensible.

And why should everyone get Medicare or a college education without tuition? Wake up, United States!

Philip M. Hopkins, Romeoville

Trump buzzes as virus spreads

First, President Donald Trump said the coronavirus was not serious; it was a “hoax” by the Democratic Party to ruin his chances of re-election. It was a liberal media hype and it went away like the flu when the weather warmed up. Trump has repeatedly contradicted experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

Then, after weeks of wasted time, a shortage of test kits, and conflicting information, he threw all the mess in the lap of Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump doesn’t believe in science. He is a climate change denier. He has repeatedly cut the budgets of agencies such as the CDC. And now, of course, he blames Obama, as he does for everything.

But the coronavirus is spreading quickly and people are dying. And despite the lies and disinformation Trump is spreading, experts tell us that even with the recent $ 8.3 billion investment in funds, we are catching up and there will likely not be a vaccine for a year. to a year and a half better.

Maybe a new Democratic president will be more competent and truthful.

Tom Minnerick, Elgin

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