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It’s a chance to celebrate students and their STEM backgrounds as they participate in activities and compete for $10,000 in cash prizes.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — More than 300 students, from kindergarten through high school, participated in the Robotics Rodeo at the Buc Days, on Saturday afternoon.

Some traveled from Austin, Houston, Laredo and even the Valley to participate in activities and compete for $10,000 in cash prizes.

It’s a chance to celebrate students and their STEM backgrounds to show off what they’ve learned all year and make their families proud.

“We are really looking forward to this being the first of our many years hosting this competition,” said Buc Days commissioner Mark Avelar. “What we admire about this program: it teaches creativity, technology and more important leadership skills, working as a team.”

Student competitor Daniel Perez has had a belated introduction to the world of robotics. “I didn’t know that, freshman, sophomore,” he said. “I was grateful for the opportunity given to me, when they talked to me about robotics. It really appealed to me.”

Perez has come a long way since then. He’s here now leading a robotics team while representing his school in Austin.

“It really means a lot when we see events like this because we’re able to come together and talk about programs, and how we can have a better impact on the community as well,” Perez said.

$10,000 in cash prizes is also a great motivator for students.

executive director of FIRST in Texas Jason Arms told 3NEWS, “Amazing things happen when two nonprofits work together. With the Buccaneers Commission and with First In Texas working together, we are able to put on this signature event.”

Arms has a strategic way of implementing its core values ​​and professionalism through teamwork. “It’s so much more than the robot, it’s conflict resolution, 21st century learning, all kinds of other great skills that we teach kids in environments like this, a safe environment.”

The students were not only proud of their creations, they were also happy to work as a team. Robotics creates a safe space for students like Perez to excel and become the future leaders of tomorrow.

“We had a student who went almost full circle because of robotics. So that really means a lot of what robotics can do for you, and what it can do for the community and your future as well,” Perez said.

FIRST in Texas distributes $80,000,000 in scholarships each year. To learn more about the global organization, visit their website at premierintexas.org.

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