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What happens when you combine the expertise of a leading airline content service provider, a cloud media asset management specialist and an airport lounge designer in the same portfolio?

For Conetic – the new umbrella brand comprising Touch Inflight Solutions, ABOVE and Coral Gables, Florida-based Oxygen Premium Services LLC – the possibilities for passenger experience (PaxEx) seem nearly endless.

Announcing its formation last week, the new group said: “In the near term, Conetic will drive disruptive innovation in the in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) market and reimagine the role the airport lounge plays in our connected world.

But over the next decade, Conetic plans to facilitate a “more holistic and unified passenger experience offering, with fully integrated services and products throughout the passenger journey,” he said.

These are noble goals. But Conetic already has an impressive head start to disrupt IFEC.

In 2019, Touch partnered with digital video technology company castLabs to create their joint venture ABOVE, an open, standards-based platform for encoding, storing, and distributing encoded video and associated metadata via cloud-based services.

One of the many advantages of this ABOVE platform is that it can facilitate dynamic content curation and updates to airplanes, reducing the time it takes to get premium entertainment in front of the eyeballs of in-flight passengers. The fruits of their labor are already evident with airline customers, including LATAM.

With the in-flight part of the passenger journey already being transformed by the cloud, how could the pre-flight lounge experience be reshaped, including around content and personalization?

Enter Oxygen Premium Services, which is billed by Conetic as offering the design, development and management of airport lounge facilities, including airport experience design and premium passenger handling services.

Leveraging the synergies of Touch, ABOVE and Oxygen, Conetic plans to deliver a more integrated view of the passenger journey, fostering increased connection between their 40+ customers combined.

Touch founder and CEO Joe Carreira also reportedly founded Oxygen a few years ago and serves as its CEO. In addition to these roles and a director position above the board, Carreira will now serve as CEO of Conetic.


In effect, the entire Conetic portfolio consolidates strategic functions and management teams under Conetic, and its leadership team will share responsibilities across the portfolio.

This means that Mariana Levy will now serve as head of customer experience at Conetic, Touch and Oxygen, while Andre Valera will serve as vice president of business development at all three companies, as well as co-general manager. at ABOVE. Daniel Costa will hold the position of Group Chief Financial Officer across all companies.

A Conetic spokesperson told Runway Girl Network that the ownership structure of each sub-brand will not change.

“The Group’s brands will share a synergy of core values ​​- service, trust, agility and knowledge – which have been key to the success of Touch and ABOVE and which underpin Conetic’s approach to its relationships and commitment to its customers. , partners, suppliers and employees,” explains Carreira.

“We recognize the long-term benefits and stable growth that result from such a commitment to all players in the ecosystem.”

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