Direct Freight improves logistics operations and driver communications with Peakcock Bros

Peacock Bros., one of the largest supply chain solutions providers in the ANZ region, announced that the company has worked with Direct Freight to improve its logistics operations through the deployment of 1,400 mobile devices to improve the accuracy and efficiency of deliveries and to offer greater connectivity. with the drivers.

Direct Freight is one of Australia’s leading road freight service providers, employing approximately 2,500 people. The company is one of Australia’s most technologically advanced carriers, with a strong commitment to innovation and customer service.

“At Direct Freight, we understand that the movement of goods is only the beginning of the process.”

“We give our customers the ability to access information about each shipment and have developed software that allows them to obtain information to initiate their own shipment orders and track their shipments online.”

“We understand the need to continually improve our technology and systems so that our staff have the ability to respond quickly to customer demands,” said Stephen Catania, Commercial Director of Direct Freight.

To provide greater visibility of their goods throughout the supply chain and to meet customer demand, Direct Freight recently engaged Peacock Bros. to deploy a large-scale upgrade of mobile devices and software system across the enterprise.

The road freight leader previously relied on a fleet of mobile devices that were no longer fit for purpose due to rising breakdown rates. Additionally, the previous system relied on outdated communication methods, with drivers still having to rely on the legacy two-way radio for on-road communications.

After a thorough study of all the technology solutions available on the market, Direct Freight decided to deploy 1,400 Honeywell CT60 XP handhelds.

The rugged CT60 XP was the perfect choice for direct freight as it suits organizations that need anywhere, anytime connectivity and fast data capture for maximum uptime and productivity.

The devices are used by Direct Freight to scan loaded goods on and off delivery trucks, as well as being signed for upon delivery at endpoints to ensure packages are accurately tracked.

“Peacock Bros. has a long history with Direct Freight, being technology partners for over 20 years. When their organization required a mobility device upgrade, we undertook a thorough assessment of all available solutions to help develop a state-of-the-art system to improve driver operations as well as transportation and logistics functions. said Ryan McGrath, Group Managing Director at Peacock. Brothers “

Built on the Mobility Edge platform, the Honeywell CT60 XP presents an integrated, scalable approach based on common software and hardware for future migration protection without sacrificing security, reliability, performance, or data management features. the company. This was an important factor for Direct Freight given the scale of the device rollout, as they wanted to ensure that their Android-based mobility investment would be supported going forward.

Careful management of sensitive customer data is also key for Direct Freight. As a result, the company chose to work with SOTI’s enterprise mobility management (EMM) specialists to manage its fleet of mobile devices.

“Through a single, easy-to-use interface, SOTI’s industry-leading EMM solution, SOTI MobiControl, allows Direct Freight to have full control over its fleet of mobile devices while securing confidential customer data. business – which is especially valuable when a company’s workforce is so mobile and always on the move,” said Michael Dyson, vice president of sales, APAC at SOTI.

In addition to providing higher levels of product visibility and accuracy throughout the delivery process, the Peacock Bros. also helps Direct Freight improve its driver operations.

With improved GPS tracking and communication capabilities provided by the Honeywell CT60 XP, driver routing has been revised to improve delivery times. Since driver communications now take place via VoIP on the mobile device, the trucks no longer require costly two-way radio installation and maintenance, providing Direct Freight with tangible cost savings.

“With our advanced unified mobility solution, we have complete visibility into driver activity and can redirect them in real time to avoid accidents or delays.”

“Communications and management on the road are essential to ensure the safety of drivers, as well as the fast and accurate delivery of goods to customers. These are all primary goals for our business,” said Direct Freight Commercial Director Stephen Catania.

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