Dr Joseph Glasgow announces his intention to run for mayor of Statesville | Local News


He addressed what many see as the divided nature of the county and the community, while stressing the need to come together and find solutions that benefit the city as a whole.

“I will be a candidate to become the next mayor because I think we need to bridge the gap that currently exists in our community,” he said, highlighting the diversity of experiences and opportunities between areas of the city, in especially for residents of Southside. “… If we look at Statesville, we have to look at all of Statesville.”

He reviewed the impact of unifying the community by closing his announcement.

“Together we are one people, our voices roar louder than ever when we are together,” he said. “But, my friends, we have some work to do.”

Supporters were on hand to offer their support for his candidacy. Glasgow was introduced by his wife, Dorothy, who stressed that she had seen him prepare for his candidacy with “thoughtful leadership” that would “get him started on day one of his term”, if he was elected.

Tonya Moten, who was previously a Glasgow student on the University of Phoenix Charlotte campus, emphasized his collaborative style and how much he truly cared for his students. She defined him as being knowledgeable, kind, attentive, a problem solver who was cooperative and open-minded, which she listed as qualities that make him a strong candidate for mayor.

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