GXO Logistics: Martin Luther King Day 2022

Honoring Dr. King’s legacy through our DREAM

In today’s world, it seems like everyone, every company is looking for ways to demonstrate and foster diversity. And no matter where we are – whether it’s the workforce, the workplace or the marketplace – we all find ourselves paying attention and raising awareness to the things that matter most to people in all walks of life. As I reflect on what the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. means to me, I feel both calme and called.

I am calme by the progress I see, hear and read in our world. I am also called reflect and take ownership of my own contributions to our world by offering my best to have a positive impact on generations to come.

And while we may not have reached our destination, at GXO we are focused daily on advancing our diversity and inclusion journey. And we are committed to fostering a culture of belonging. I am proud to work with partner-leaders who share these values. I pride myself on being a leader in service – listening, learning and achieving what matters most to our colleagues.

I am very proud to work for a company where DREAMS are still close at hand.

Duniversity. Rreciprocity. Equality. Aresponsibility. Morality. Simplicitly.

When I consider intersectionality, connectedness and commitment to the values ​​we share at GXO, I see DREAMS taking shape like this:

The diversity: We value, appreciate and honor differences.

Reciprocity: We view our intersectionality as invaluable and maintain our dependence on and support of each other as essential to driving business results.

Equality: We acknowledge all voices and create space for their contributions to shape our success and keep ourselves alert to perspectives of what is prudent and right.

Responsibility: Our commitment to a culture of belonging is not based solely on our words. This is embodied in the actions we take when living our core value Be Inclusive.

Morality: Of course, progress in diversity and inclusion requires “the right things to do”, but we aim our journey to live and share these values ​​as both a professional and a personal plan.

Simplicity: We don’t think too much about our way forward. We listen, learn and grow – together. Come grow with us!

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