Hartford, WI residents seek outside attorney to investigate mayor

The City of Hartford, WI, has received a petition signed by residents wanting the city to hire outside legal counsel to investigate the actions of City of Hartford Mayor Tim Michalak, according to information included in the packet for the meeting. of the Hartford City Council on May 10.

An item on the “requests from aldermen” portion of the council meeting agenda includes the agenda item, “Discussion and consideration of hiring outside counsel to present a complaint for the dismissal of the mayor and to advise the municipal council”.

According to an executive summary on the agenda item, outside legal counsel would be engaged to investigate and present the Common Council’s removal case and to advise the Common Council on whether the onus of removal has been respected. The summary, signed by City Administrator Steve Volkert and City Attorney Ian Proust, said “the cost of proceedings would be difficult to estimate. A rough estimate would be $10,000 for these procedures. The summary says the petition asking for outside counsel was signed by “many residents” of the city.

Michalak resigned as Washington County Board Supervisor on April 17. The resignation follows a situation where Michalak brought a gun to a county administrative committee meeting on March 9, which was held in the Washington County Sheriff’s Office building. The gun fell out of his pants. Firearms are prohibited in public safety buildings, and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office recommended that Michalak be charged with two misdemeanors related to the incident.

It was the second gun-related situation at a public meeting for Michalak in less than a year. During a Hartford City Council meeting on Oct. 26, a gun fell from Michalak’s trouser pocket as he left the council dais and approached a podium. Aldus. Justin Webb slammed Michalak for the Oct. 26 and March 9 incidents during the April 12 council meeting. Three Hartford residents also criticized Michalak for the Oct. 26 and March 9 incidents during the April 19 city council meeting.

The October 26 incident happened in the Hartford City Council meeting room at City Hall. The police department is located on a separate floor of the building. Michalak had a concealed carry permit at the time of the Oct. 26 incident. The March 9 incident happened in the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, which is considered a public safety building. Michalak did not have a concealed carry permit at the time, and under state law no one is allowed to carry a weapon into a public safety building.

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