Instagram rejects plans for tweened version of app after being accused of injuring young girls



Instagram denies reports that the app is harmful to the mental health of young girls, even though social media giants suspended development of Instagram Kids just weeks after such criminal charges surfaced.

The Wall Street Journal cited a review of internal documents, including research reports, online discussions with employees, and draft presentations to senior management, and researchers from Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, have identified “the negative impact of the platform”. But said he couldn’t fix it. ..

The most damaging and widely reported claim, centering on statistics that a third of teenage girls polled by Instagram felt sick about their body image.

Instagram director Adam Mosseri said in a Twitter post on Monday that the company “has worked with parents, experts, policymakers and regulators to listen to their concerns and demonstrate the value and importance of the project. . Will give you time to do so. “Young Teens Online Today.”

Instagram director Adam Mosseri appeared on an episode of TODAY this morning in response to claims from The Wall Street Journal and the Instagram Kids break.

He appeared on an episode of the TODAY show this morning in response to the Wall Street Journal’s claims and the Instagram Kids break.

He said: “I firmly believe that creating a safe version of Instagram for tweens is always a good thing, but we are taking the time to educate parents, researchers and security experts. How to speak with and move forward. ”

According to Moselli, Instagram thinks it’s best to have a specific platform for age-appropriate content for children under 13, and other companies like TikTok and YouTube are targeting this group of people. ‘age. An application version is available.

In a press release from the Facebook newsroom, Moselli explained why Instagram Kids was suspended and wrote in a Wall Street Journal report: For clarity, I disagree with how the newspaper reported on our research.

Mosseri included a link to a blog post written by Pratti Raychoudhury, Facebook vice president of research. He says Instagram makes most teenage girls feel better.

Instagram denies reports that the app is harmful to the mental health of young girls

Instagram denies reports that the app is harmful to the mental health of young girls

Raychoudhury wrote in the story that the girl suffered from body image after hitting Instagram, but felt better in other areas such as loneliness, anxiety, sadness and eating issues. to augment.

“Body image was the only area where a teenage girl who reported suffering from this problem said Instagram was worse than the other 11 areas,” Raychoudhury wrote.

“But again, the vast majority of teenage girls who have experienced body image issues report that Instagram has improved or hasn’t affected it.”

Raychoudhury reports that the journal “implies that we are hiding this study and claims that the results are surprising, but that is simply not correct.”

Facebook says the newspaper failed to “contextualize the specific findings” and that the cited study “failed to measure the causal link between Instagram and real-world issues.”

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