IPX’s Booming Virtual Artist WADE Teams Up With PEACEMINUSONE For All-Time Partnership

  • Attracting great attention through his recent collaborations with Leica and ©SAINT Mxxxxxx, IPX virtual artist WADE joins forces with G-DRAGON’s fashion brand ‘PEACEMINUSONE’ for an all-time partnership, collaborating in various scenes including fashion, culture and the arts across digital and physical space
  • This creative partnership breaks with the norm, combining WADE, which creates a unique subculture with its own vibe like no other virtual human in existence, with PEACEMINUSONE, a fashion brand that delivers the value of freedom beyond all boundaries.
  • WADE and PEACEMINUSONE will unveil various collaborative works within a new platform in the digital space, including the upcoming collaborative project for “WADE F&F”, a membership NFT to be launched on September 15 (PST)
  • WADE will continue to inspire those who appreciate diversity by forging experimental collaborations with various renowned artists from the fashion and music scenes.

Seoul, South Korea, September 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Digital IP entertainment company IPX, formerly known as LINE FRIENDS, is thrilled to announce the partnership between its globally up-and-coming virtual artist WADE and fashion brand G-DRAGON ” PEACEMINUSONE”.

WADE is a virtual artist and water mutant created by IPX and KB LEE, a world-renowned creative consultant and street fashion artist who was the first in his field to collaborate with Nike in Korea. WADE is also a DJ and producer with a unique street look and vibe, showcasing collaborations like no other virtual human in existence. WADE was recently in the spotlight for her participation as the first virtual model for global vintage aesthetic fashion brand “SAINT Mxxxxxx” and unveiled her own track and video produced in Times Square in New York and Shibuya at Tokyo. In March 2022, WADE also participated as the first virtual photographer in a photo exhibition organized by Leica, alongside Ralph Gibson, legend of contemporary photography, Korean actor Ryu Jun-yeol and designer Yoon Ahn of Ambush.

Following WADE’s participation in the unboxing of the “PEACEMINUSONE X NIKE KWONDO1 F&F” shoebox, this one-time event has led to this new special partnership between WADE and PEACEMINUSONE which is attracting industry interest. WADE, which creates a unique subculture in the fashion and entertainment scenes, and fashion mega brand PEACEMINUSONE will collaborate across borders across the digital and physical space. This partnership plans to highlight exciting activities that are out of the norm, combining the characteristics of WADE, which shares respect for diversity and stands out from the general public, with PEACEMINUSONE, a fashion brand with the values ​​of freedom.

WADE, IPX's Booming Virtual Artist

Various collaborations combining WADE’s values ​​of diversity and PEACEMINUSONE’s core value of freedom are to be showcased on new forms of platforms in the digital space. As part of this partnership, WADE and PEACEMINUSONE are also preparing collaborative projects related to “WADE Friends & Family (WADE F&F)”, a WADE membership NFT to be launched on September 15 (PST).

Meanwhile, PEACEMINUSONE is a fashion brand created by fashion and culture muse G-DRAGON in 2016, loved by streetwear fans around the world for its bold aesthetic and clean designs. The label is well known for its iconic circular-shaped logo and brand philosophy – the perfect utopia involving “PEACE” and the fuzzy reality “LESS” are connected by an intersection of “ONE”. PEACEMINUSONE has gained worldwide popularity, driving immediate sales for each discontinued edition in collaboration with globally recognized brands including Nike and Fragment Design.

“The partnership between WADE and PEACEMINUSONE, each having exceptional influence on the metaverse and fashion scene respectively, plans to unravel various creative collaborations that deliver an immersive experience both online and offline,” an IPX official said. “WADE will not limit its works to the mainstream or a specific subculture, but will initiate experimental collaborations regardless of genre or form across all borders, including NFTs in a decentralized space, thus emerging in a Virtual artist IP that inspires people who embrace the values ​​of diversity.”


IPX is the new corporate name of LINE FRIENDS, a global character brand that started from original characters including BROWN, CONY, created to be used as stickers for the leading mobile messaging app LINE and its 200 million users active in the world. IPX marketed itself as a “digital IP platform” company to enter the digital IP-based metaverse and NFT. IPX announced its vision for IP 3.0 – enabling anyone to create, own and generate revenue from IP addresses – and unveiled “FRENZ”, a new IP generation platform where users can create personal IP addresses for use in metaverse and NFT services. Through strategic partnerships with various companies and its digital IP “OOZ & mates”, its virtual artist “WADE”, IPX is expanding its metaverse and NFT activities and expertise. Meanwhile, IPX created popular IPs including “BT21” (BTS) and expanded their limits to virtual influencers. Additionally, IPX has expanded its IP-based business by partnering with global companies such as Netflix (original anime series), SUPERCELL (Brawl Stars), and NEXON (KartRider).

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