It’s back to school again

We are delighted to welcome nearly 16,500 students back to class as we kick off the 2022-23 school year on Wednesday, August 17.

We hope all of our families, students, and staff have had a safe and relaxing summer and look forward to continuing to learn this fall. The return to school this year is different from previous years. This year, we return our conversations to the learning that takes place in the classroom. We focus on personalized learning and help all students reach their maximum potential.

As a district, we aim to not only educate each of our students, but to prepare them for success, fully realizing that success may look different for each individual. A positive school culture is the necessary foundation for learning.

The culture of an organization is either by design or by default. The Dublin City School District is committed to being intentional as we build a culture that supports and celebrates every student. Focus 3, a Columbus-area company led by CEO Tim Kight, has experience working with K-12 institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and successful sports programs. Focus 3 facilitated a community-wide process to develop the district’s cultural manual.

Our culture manual outlines three core values ​​that are central to our work in our district.

1. Assume your responsibilities; owning actions and attitudes, focusing on presence and doing what is right.

2. Grow and embrace the journey as we learn from our successes and failures. Working to be the best versions of ourselves.

3. Be better together. Take care and communicate. Connect, collaborate and celebrate.

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Culture is embedded in everything we do as a learning community. The district will intentionally look at our culture as we plan the way forward. In the coming months, I will be providing opportunities for community members to engage and learn more about our cultivation manual.

Building staff have worked hard to prepare welcoming environments for the return of our students. As part of our normal August routines, our back-to-school email with the required online forms was sent to families on August 3.

Additionally, our website is an excellent source of information about the school, including details for those wishing to request free and discounted lunch. As a reminder, the federally funded free lunch program has been discontinued for this school year.

As always, the safety and security of our students is a top priority. At the start of the school year, remember to exercise caution when driving in each of our schools. Every weekday, morning and afternoon, thousands of students walk, cycle and drive to and from school. Our fleet of buses will be back on the roads to transport our students safely, so be aware of flashing lights and posted speed limits.

We are excited to welcome our students back on August 17 and will again be using the hashtag #DCSDay1 to celebrate the first day of the 2022-23 school year on social media. We encourage our families to use the hashtag with us to join in the celebration.

We are going to have another fantastic school year and we cannot thank our community enough for their wonderful support.

John Marschhausen is the Superintendent of Schools for Dublin City.

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