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KARACHI: The Karachi Port Trust handled 115,354 tonnes of cargo comprising 88,011 tonnes of imported cargo and 27,343 tonnes of exported cargo in the last 24 hours ending at 07:00.

The total import cargo of 88,011 includes 51,190 tonnes of containerized cargo, 1,431 tonnes of bulk cargo, 4,701 tonnes of DAP and 30,689 tonnes of oil and liquid cargo.

The total export cargo of 27,343 tons included 25,192 tons of container cargo, 258 tons of bulk cargo, 1,893 tons of rice.

Some 5,189 containers comprising 2,893 import containers and 2,296 export containers were handled in the past 24 hours on Tuesday.

The breakdown of imported containers shows 1488 of 20 and 484 of 40 loaded while 307 of 20 and 65 of 40 empty containers, while that of exported containers shows 398 of 20 and 639 of 40 loaded while 552 of 20 and 34 of 40 empty containers were handled during working hours.

Nearly 05 ships, namely SM Manali, Cosco Antwerp, Independent Spirit, GFS Pride and SC Taipei have docked at Karachi port.

About 05 ships namely Gulf Pearl, Hercules Leader, Northern Dedication, APL Antwerp and SM Manali left Karachi port.

About 08 cargoes namely, Concerto, Rudolf Shulte, Oocl Le Havre, Arctic Flounder, Kota Megah, Yantian Express, Yi Long Shan and Sheng Xing Hai were expected to arrive at the port on Tuesday.

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