Leadership Coach and Author Mark S. Lewis Changing the CEO Leadership Landscape with His Specialized Playbook

CEO Playbook – Leadership Course includes 10 sessions designed to inspire and transform leaders by teaching them essential skills.

The roundtable approach allows for smarter collaboration and feedback that creates a broader view of what it takes to “lead for success”. –Mark S. Lewis

Mark S. Lewis, The Amazon bestselling author of “Give a D*mn!: The Ticket to Cultural Change,” is rethinking how CEOs lead. Her 10-session leadership course, the “CEO Roundtable Booklet”, is a resource for business coaches and executive leaders designed to inspire and transform individuals into better leaders by teaching them essential skills. During ten roundtable discussions, participants will gain the upper hand in their professional growth and benefit themselves and the organizations they represent.

Lewis built the CEO Roundtable Leadership Course around the core values ​​of education, empowerment, and empathy. Participants learn strategies in several areas, including building a plan for success and developing best practices in sales, marketing, and human resources. The course also educates leaders on how to inspire productivity through employee engagement or boost employee morale. Scaling, growth and other goals are grounded in improving emotional intelligence, and the roundtables encourage leaders to find where gratitude and compassion fit into their business model .

The course promotes collaboration between participants, which turns into a valuable exchange between peers of different visions. “Better ideas come to us when we focus our attention on people first,” Lewis said, “we learn new ways of thinking by learning the success rates of other leaders.”

In the hands of a business or executive coach, The CEO Roundtable Guide helps leaders reach their full potential in new and exciting ways, crafted by the best minds in progressive business philosophy. Some of the “must-have skills” leaders will learn include better hiring approaches, how to reduce waste, increase productivity, and set goals in line with core values.

During 10 roundtables, leaders will learn how to develop a superior vision or mission statement, set goals using the SMART method, apply best practices in human resources and human capital management , to develop marketing and sales best practices, to understand financial statements, to discover new ways of thinking towards success, to implement practices that improve employee morale and to develop leadership through emotional intelligence and empathy.

Those who have taken the course praise Lewis’ approach: “Other business owners have many of the same challenges I do. It was refreshing to hear that fact and how they deal with it. Also, I have to focus more on working on the business as opposed to the business, which is one of the toughest challenges for a small business owner.”

The leadership course has gained a reputation for containing something for everyone within its curriculum. One participant commented, “I liked the fact that each week we had a key business topic to discuss. Some were perhaps more relevant to me than others, but I think they responded well to all participants. A sample agenda for the course would include CEOs networking, discussing their business goals, identifying challenges they want to address, and collective workshop on their core values, all at a comfortable pace of 8:30 a.m. to noon.

Lewis recently explained the importance of his leadership course program during an episode of the Podcast Beyond Trust with Divya Parekh. “The most important thing a CEO can do is when you set business goals, you communicate those goals to your company’s employees so they can all help you achieve those goals,” he said. “Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Be sure to measure where you are at against those goals and then pivot accordingly due to the economic environment and other factors.

“The roundtable approach allows for smarter collaboration and feedback that creates a broader view of what it takes to ‘lead for success,'” Lewis said.

“When I started organizing the CEO roundtables, I found a network of people who engaged together to provide best practices, to come up with ideas that you wouldn’t usually get at the lower level but at the executive,” Lewis explained, “This sharing of information and outreach is beneficial for CEOs to have a resource of other CEOs that they might choose to contact and ask them specific questions that they normally couldn’t. not get.”

The CEO Round Table Playbook maintains the message of Lewis’ foundational work for his movement, “Give a D*mm!: The Ticket to Cultural Change”, which has a five-star rating on Amazon and is one of the best-selling titles in the “Business Ethics” category.

Mark Lewis is a best-selling author, celebrity executive coach, inspirational speaker, thought-provoking business leader, and successful serial entrepreneur. He is the owner of Communique, his coaching and business consulting firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and organizations accelerate their growth by developing and utilizing strategies that benefit all business functions. He has helped hundreds of individuals and CEOs grow personally and professionally. Her winning philosophy offers strategies for people to improve their mindset, become more positive and selfless, and serve others with gratitude and compassion. He calls this attitude a “challenge” to “GIVE a D*MN.”

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