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In December, I graduated from university in an uncertain world. Jobs are available, but mostly in cities and other states. I worry about the future of my hometown and small communities in the Midwest.

Going to school in Fargo, it’s clear how quickly even small towns can get overlooked compared to coastal areas. We have to take care of ourselves. The problem is even worse in our rural towns. We need more economic activity in America’s heartland to get young people and families started.

Even as Central America fights an uphill battle, opportunities for growth and innovation are rapidly emerging. As the world searches for low-carbon fuel options and the United States seeks to reduce its dependence on foreign oil, rural communities are able to find solutions.

Ethanol plants, corn growers and a Midwest-based developer, Summit Carbon Solutions, are working to reduce carbon emissions and make ethanol a viable industry for decades to come. This project can lead to stable growth in a key industry for our rural towns.

Agriculture being the bedrock of rural economies, this project is a great opportunity to strengthen small towns. With strong communities, the future looks brighter for young Americans.

Jacob Peterson lives in Grafton, North Dakota

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