McLean Community Center will hold a public hearing on its strategic plan

MCLEAN, VA – The McLean Community Center is hosting a public hearing on Wednesday, July 6 to seek input on its draft five-year strategic plan that will guide the center’s programming and priorities.

MCC developed the strategic plan based on public feedback gathered from district residents over the past few months. The center hired AMS Planning & Research last fall to help develop the plan.

Residents of Dranesville’s small District 1A are invited to voice their thoughts on the center’s future programming and strategic priorities during the public hearing at 6:30 p.m. on July 6.

“In an environment where the COVID-19 pandemic, changing cultural environment and new county policies created pressure to grow and change, the Board of Directors, Executive Director and staff were eager to innovate and to provide new programs to serve the community,” says the executive summary of the McLean Community Center’s draft strategic plan, released this month.

In a community survey, “the Centre’s lack of visibility was evident”, according to the draft strategic plan. Only half of respondents strongly agree or agree that the McLean Community Center “is highly visible in the community”.

Proposed goals of the plan include expanding MCC’s community footprint and increasing its integration within the community.

One of the strategies to achieve these goals would be to use social media and digital resources to broaden, deepen and diversify its reach, and make MCC and the Old Firehouse Teen Center easier to find.

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