Michael Graves acquires Waldon Studio Architects

Michael Graves Architecture (MG), an award-winning global leader in planning, architecture and interior design based in Princeton, NJ, has acquired Waldon Studio Architects (WSA), a planning, architecture and interior design firm interior design based in Maryland. Part of a long-term strategic growth plan for MG, the acquisition will combine the distinct strengths of both companies to cultivate shared expertise across all areas of design and further invigorate MG’s enduring legacy of creativity and innovation. late Michael Graves.

“When we approached this acquisition, we looked for a company with a deeply rooted set of core values ​​that we share, and we knew right away that we had found that in Waldon Studio Architects,” said Joe Furey (pictured here). above), Chairman/CEO, MG. “Our teams complement each other not only in our design approach and in-depth knowledge of the market sector, but also in our shared values, particularly in our dedication to innovation, our commitment to quality and our unwavering customer service.”

This combination of brand recognition, aligned values ​​and commitment to a culture of innovation is what will be an exciting new chapter for MG that simultaneously honors the company’s established heritage, according to the company. Michael Graves, a renowned architect who died in 2015, left behind a committed and talented team and a legacy of innovation and design genius within the company. This acquisition will allow the firm to strengthen its expertise in the sectors of health, education and worship. Additionally, the companies will come together in their commitment to sustainable design and historic preservation.

Ravi Waldon

Under the new corporate structure, WSA Founder/Director Ravi Waldon will serve as Director as well as Head of the faith based business. Other WSA directors and administrators will be appropriately integrated into the corporate organizational makeup as directors of various practice areas. Furey will oversee the ongoing integration and pursuit of future acquisition strategy as part of MG’s forward-looking strategic plan. Of this strategy, Furey said, “The future of our business is not corporate bureaucracy. We will grow the business and in doing so maintain the boutique vibe for our customers as we integrate the businesses to continue to provide creative solutions and extraordinary customer service. This plan will continue to build the depth and diversity of the company’s expertise, expand its physical presence in leading cities across the United States, and ensure the continuation of its founder’s legacy for Next 50 years and beyond, according to the company.

WSA is already one of the region’s top award-winning architectural firms and nationally recognized for its faith-based work. Waldon said: “I want to ensure a bright future for my talented team, in the same way that Michael Graves paved the way for the continued success of his business. At Waldon Studio Architects, our calling has always been to create and serve. When we met Joe and his team, we felt an immediate sense of mutual respect and were impressed with MG’s thoughtful culture. We are excited to work together to broaden our horizons and provide new and existing customers with excellent service and innovative design solutions.

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