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The Ministry of Youth and Culture has temporarily suspended the Miss Rwanda pageant citing an ongoing investigation into Prince Kid, the organizer.

“The Ministry of Youth and Culture informs the general public that the Miss Rwanda beauty pageant has been suspended pending the completion of investigations,” read a statement released by the ministry.

The arrest of Prince Kid, whose real name is Dieudonné Ishimwe, was announced on April 26 for sexual abuse of candidates on different occasions.

Ishimwe was detained days after the former organization’s communications director, Meghan Nimwiza, resigned, a decision she attributes to exploring other horizons.

The case has since prompted various interventions from the public, including First Lady Jeannette Kagame, who pledged her support for the candidates, during what she acknowledged as “difficult times”.

Efforts to get a comment from the National Prosecuting Authority (NPPA) as to when the case could go to court were futile by press time.

The case takes a turn

The ministry’s announcement comes at a time when RIB has also detained an Elsa Iradukunda, for allegedly using false documents to obstruct ongoing investigations.

Iradukunda, Miss Rwanda 2017, was arrested on Sunday May 8.

It has already emerged that she has a “close” relationship with Prince Kid, with claims that the two plan to “get married”.

Little has been revealed about the case of Iradukunda, however article 267 of the penal code indicates that anyone who, with fraudulent intent, produces a false document, has false statements made or produces a contradictory statement, is considered as committing the offense of forgery.

If found guilty, he is liable to imprisonment for not less than five (5) years but not more than seven (7) years and a fine of not less than three million Rwandan francs. (3,000,000 Frw) and not more than five million Rwandan francs (5,000,000 Frw) or only one of these penalties.

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