New business takes all the hard work out of stump removal


Seth Harris is the owner of Ultimate Stump Grinding, a stump grinding company. See how it works in the video player above. | Rett Nelson,

IDAHO FALLS – Gardening is a common summer activity for many people in eastern Idaho and a dilemma many homeowners face is how to remove old tree stumps from their property.

To remedy this problem, Seth Harris, a resident of Idaho Falls, in May opened Ultimate Stump Grinding, a stump removal and cleanup business.

While there are a variety of companies that remove tree stumps in the area, Harris told that his company is the only one dedicated specifically to tree stump removal and that the method that ‘it uses is designed to eliminate all the hard work.

“I’ve seen people who spent eight months a year punching holes (in a stump) and cutting it with a chainsaw and nothing comes out of it or they hook a chain on it and then rip the bumper off. their truck. They finally called me and it was gone in 20 minutes, ”says Harris.

Harris goes to the client’s home and determines the size of the stump. Then he uses a Bandit 2550 stump grinder to grind it into wood chips. See how it works in the video player above.

Harris says it’s common for many people moving to the area to find a tree stump in their yard that they want to have removed and Harris wants to respond to those people.

The bigger strains are the most rewarding projects for Harris, and he enjoys interacting with people and observing their reactions to the process.

“I roll around in this remote control (machine) and start grinding things without having to do it by hand. It’s more powerful than almost anything out there, ”he says. “They’re going to pull up a chair, have a beer and watch me do it. This part is really rewarding and fun.

The stump trimmer at work in Idaho Falls. | Rett Nelson,

He has noticed a need for a business like this in the area and since it opened, customers seem to agree.

“Everywhere I looked there was a stump. I told my idea (to people in the industry) and they said I’d be an idiot if I wasn’t going to do this, ”Harris says.

Prior to starting his tree mulching business, Harris served several years in the military. He grew up working in construction before getting a job as an accountant earlier this year. He is now working to complete his college education, while running his new business at the same time.

Harris hopes to become the first stump grinding company in Idaho and would eventually like to expand to Jackson, Salt Lake City, and northern Idaho.

“The system is in place. It’s just a matter of getting the customer base and expanding from there, ”he says.

To learn more or get a quote, you can contact Harris directly at (208) 313-0532. You can also visit the Ultimate Stump Grinder Facebook page.

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