News: NATO leaders approve new Strategic Concept, 29-Jun-2022

NATO Heads of State and Government, meeting in Madrid on Wednesday 29 June 2022, approved a new Strategic Concept for the Alliance, setting out the Alliance’s priorities, core tasks and approaches for the next decade . The concept describes the security environment facing the Alliance, reaffirms our values ​​and articulates NATO’s key objective of ensuring our collective defence. It further defines NATO’s three core missions of deterrence and defence; crisis prevention and management; and cooperative security.

The document defines Russia as the “most significant and direct threat” to Allied security, while addressing China for the first time and the challenges Beijing poses to Allied security, interests and values. The documents also state that climate change is “a defining challenge of our time”. The Strategic Concept is updated approximately every ten years and is NATO’s second most important document. It reaffirms the values ​​of the Alliance, provides a collective assessment of security challenges and guides the political and military activities of the Alliance. The previous version was adopted at the NATO summit in Lisbon in 2010.

See the NATO Strategic Concept 2022

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