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We classify PDFpenPro under word processing software instead of just being a PDF editor. The original company behind the PDF editing software is Smile Software. However, Smile Software sold the PDFpenPro tool to Nitro Software Limited last year. Nitro is a software company specializing in PDF editing tools and it is also listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

PDFpenPro is an enhanced version of PDFpen software sold by Nitro. What sets it apart from many other PDF editing tools is its specialty for the Mac operating system. For example, you can save your PDF files directly to Apple’s iCloud with PDFpenPro.

We’ll review PDFpenPro based on specific criteria, including features, pricing, customer support, compatibility, user interface, and more.


Unlike other software, PDFpenPro is available for a one-time fee (Image credit: Nitro)

Packages and prices

PDFpenPro’s pricing structure is very simple. It costs $129.95 to buy one lifetime license, no additional cost. This price is a bit expensive compared to other PDF editing software in the market. It should be noted however that Nitro also offers PDFpen for Mac for $79.95 and as well as PDFpen for iPad and iPhone for $6.99 at the time of writing.

A free trial is available for PDFpenPro if you want to use it for a while before making a final purchase decision.


PDFpenPro is a feature-rich suite that can handle all your PDF needs on Mac (Image credit: Nitro)


PDFpenPro’s many features include;

PDFpenPro lets you add new text, images and signatures to existing PDF documents. This feature is useful for people who need to edit PDF documents extensively. We usually think of PDF as a read-only format, but with PDFpenPro’s editing power, you’ll look like a wizard to the untrained eye.

You often get a PDF file from someone and spot errors that need to be fixed. This situation mainly affects people who work in a professional environment. With PDFpenPro, you can quickly edit and correct text just like you would in Microsoft Word and other word processing software.

Additionally, you may need images to highlight certain information in a PDF presentation. PDFpenPro lets you effortlessly add images from your image library or the Internet to your PDF files.

Finally, many documents in PDF format are legal documents for which the appropriate people must affix signatures. PDFpenPro lets you easily add signatures to a PDF document.

Redact documents

Being able to redact information from PDF files is a very useful feature for businesses and law firms (Image credit: Nitro)

Remove personal information from PDF documents

PDFpenPro lets you easily write specific text in a PDF document that you don’t want to share with others. This text is usually personal information such as phone numbers, home addresses, social security numbers, birth dates, etc. PDFpenPro lets you redact text with a block or erase it entirely from the document.

This redaction feature is essential for law firms that often work with sensitive information.

Annotate documents

PDFpenPro allows you to annotate PDF documents. Annotation means adding additional information associated with a particular point in a document. This additional information is usually not present in the main text but in the form of comments linked to specific highlighted text. Annotations allow you to explain information that may not be clear in a document.

You can annotate with text or audio on PDFpenPro.

Scanning and OCR of paper documents

You can use PDFpenPro to scan paper documents and convert them to text via Optical Character Recognition (OCR). After the conversion, you can then edit the text directly in PDFpenPro.

Imagine that your colleague has handed you a long paper document that you need to edit on your computer. You don’t want to go through the stress of typing it again to make corrections. PDFpenPro lets you easily scan paper documents and convert them to text that you can start editing right away.

PDFpenPro’s OCR feature does an outstanding job of converting written text into editable electronic copy formats.

Sign and complete forms

In a professional setting, you will have to complete certain forms in electronic format. PDFpenPro lets you do it quickly. All you have to do is upload the PDF form to PDFpenPro and add text as you would any other PDF document. Boom, your form is complete and ready to submit.

Merge/append PDF files

PDFpenPro allows you to merge and append two or more PDF files into a single document.


PDFpenPro has a clean interface that is easy to navigate and use (Image credit: Nitro)

Interface and in use

PDFpenPro’s user interface is convenient for any Mac user. You download it as an application that runs directly on your computer. It is mandatory to download it and you cannot access it through a web browser, which is a slight inconvenience.

You can install PDFpenPro on any computer running macOS and you can download the application file through the PDFpen website or the Mac App Store.


Nitro provides video tutorials, a user guide, and a knowledge base with FAQs for those who prefer self-help options (Image credit: Nitro)


Nitro, the Australian company that owns PDFpenPro, handles customer support. Customer support is available by email or phone. Additionally, there is an official user guide, video tutorials, and frequently answered questions page posted on the PDFpenPro website.

The competition

PDFpenPro has many competitors. Some include Smaply, LibreOffice, Windward Core, PDFelement, and PDF Expert. PDFpenPro is more expensive than many of its competitors. However, its pricing advantage is a one-time purchase, unlike many competitors that require a recurring subscription.

PDFpenPro also specializes in the Mac operating system and builds its features around it. Unfortunately, this is a limitation because Windows users, a large portion of the working population, cannot install it.

final verdict

PDFpenPro lives up to its promise of being a powerful PDF editing software tool. However, we would like to see an improvement: PDFpenPro should be available on a web interface and not require you to install it on your computer before using it.

Also, PDFpenPro is not available for people who use Windows operating systems. We would like that to happen.

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