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KARACHI: The Karachi Port Trust handled 176,394 tons of cargo comprising 118,558 tons of imported cargo and 57,836 tons of exported cargo in the last 24 hours ending at 07:00.

The total import cargo of 118,558 includes 49,813 tons of container cargo, 774 tons of bulk cargo, 2,175 tons of ammonium nitrate, 7,831 tons of DAP, 12,471 tons of wheat and 45,494 tons of oil/tank cargo. liquid.

The total export cargo of 57,836 tons included 34,431 tons of container cargo, 763 tons of bulk cargo, 19,783 tons of Clinkers, 2,859 tons of rice.

About 7460 containers comprising 4320 import containers and 3140 export containers were handled in the past 24 hours on Friday.

The breakdown of imported containers shows 1006 of 20 and 1225 of 40 loaded while 02 of 20 and 431 of 40 empty containers, while that of exported containers shows 568 of 20 and 654 of 40 loaded while 158 of 20 and 553 of 40 empty containers were handled during working hours.

About ten ships, namely Msc Malin, Independent Spirit, MT Karachi, CT Forntier, Southern Xantis, Jwala, AS Clementina, Cosco Thailand, Zagori and Al Salmy 7 have moored at Karachi Port.

No less than 03 ships, namely Prague Express, Ts Mumbai and Msc Malin left the Port of Karachi.

Around 11 shipments namely Julie, X-Press Bardsey, Obe Heart, Tiger Joy, Ever Ursula, Oel Kedarnath, Tarlan, Celsius Naples, Wadi Bini Khalid, Northern Dextirity and Ever Dainty were expected to arrive at the port on the same day.


The berths have been occupied by 11 ships in the past 24 hours, among them three ships, Julie, MSC Chiara and Glory Harvest left port on Friday morning, while three other ships, HPC Sunrise, Irenes Ray and Qin Lin Zue should sail today in the afternoon.

A cargo volume of 189,006 tonnes, comprising 163,931 tonnes of imported cargo and 25,075 tonnes of exported cargo, including containerized cargo carried in 5,147 containers (3,672 import TEUs and 1,475 export TEUs ) has been processed at the port in the last 24 hours.

There are 08 vessels at Outer Anchorage from Port Qasim, among them, two vessels, Anani and MSC Malin and another vessel, Songa Leopard scheduled to load/unload cement and containers are expected to take berths at the multi-purpose terminal and at the container terminal on Friday February 4, as the container ship ‘RDO Fortune’ is due to arrive at Port Qasim on the same day and four other vessels, Diyala, MSC Ines, Lotus-A and Meratus Jayawijaya carrying containers are due to arrive at Port Qasim Saturday, February 5-2022.

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