PTAB / USPTO Update – January 2022

USPTO leadership

  • Drew Hirshfeld still exercises the functions and duties of director. Kathi Vidal, the Biden administration’s candidate to be the next director, testified at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing regarding her appointment on December 1. She then submitted written responses to written questions from senators.


  • On December 16, the USPTO announced a new membership to its public advisory committees on patents and trademarks (PPAC and TPAC). New PPAC members are Charles Duan (Cornell Fellow), Suzanne Harrison (Percipience LLC) and Heidi S. Nebel (McKee, Voorhees & Sease, PLC). New TPAC members are Adraea Brown (Harley-Davidson), Rodrick J. Enns (Enns & Archer LLP) and Dana Brown Northcott (

Notices, directives and requests

Final rules

  • There are no new final rules.

Provisional rules

  • There are no interim rules.

Proposed rules

  • Electronic patent grant, 86 Fed. Reg. 71209 (Dec 15, 2021) [Written comments period closes February 14, 2022] (offering to grant patents electronically through USPTO Patent Document Viewers (PAIR) rather than on paper).
  • Date of receipt of electronic submissions of patent correspondence, 86 Fed. Reg. 69195 (Dec 7, 2021) [Written comments period closes February 7, 2022] (proposing to amend the Patent Practice Rules to provide that the date of receipt of correspondence submitted through EFS is the date in Eastern United States time that the USPTO received the correspondence).

PTAB decisions

  • New previous PTAB decisions
  • There are no new informative decisions from the PTAB.
  • New informative decisions of the PTAB
    • There are no new informative decisions from the PTAB.

New POP review requests

  • There are no new POP review requests.

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