Ramos helps lead Wolves past Panthers

One night when the Lyndon B. Johnson Wolves had nothing to lose, they left everything on the field. After missing out on the playoffs, their clash with United South Panthers would be the last time Wolves step onto the pitch this year.

With a handful of seniors on the team, the team left everything on the pitch for their graduate teammates.

One of those seniors was running back Rene Ramos, who has been Wolves’ source for many big plays and touchdowns this year. He’s up there with some of the best running backs in South Texas, and Thursday night he proved it.

It was no surprise to see Ramos receive a lot of touches early on as Wolves usually rely on the running game. It also came as no surprise when Ramos earned the game’s first touchdown with a 20-for-six reception. While the common theme for Wolves this year was that they would start well and eventually give up, that was not the case against the Panthers.

Ramos continued to exploit the Panthers defense which couldn’t stop him and then got three more touchdowns. Ramos had a total of two touchdowns in the air and two on the ground in Wolves’ thrilling 34-33 win over the Panthers.

Ramos and Wolves were able to secure a victory for their seniors in their last game by adapting to the team, and head coach Leo Mireles couldn’t be more proud of his lads.

“I’m at a loss for words, but I’m super proud of these guys because we’ve been through a lot of adversity all year and they’ve held on. Having 38-40 kids in a 6A ball club in this tough neighborhood, I’m very proud that they fought all year,” Mireles said. “Finishing is one of our core values, and that’s what we preached all week and that’s what they did. I’m super happy for them.

Ramos being the man of the hour for Wolves on the night, his head coach had nothing but praise for the running back.

“I’ll tell you what, Rene from day one when I came to this program has joined, and he’s been an outstanding leader. Unfortunately his first year he didn’t play, but his last year he had a great year,” said Mireles. “I mean, what else can you say when you finish your senior year with four touchdowns?”

Ramos put the team on their backs against the Panthers, getting every touchdown for his team in a game that went to the wire. The running back was very humbled after the game saying he did it for his fellow Wolves.

“I feel excited and sad at the same time. It’s our last game but I did my best for this team and I’m delighted for them for the years to come,” Ramos said. “I just did it for my team because I love them. so much. I’ve been in this program for four years and I’ve seen it change so much that I had to do my best for it.

After the game, Mireles and Ramos recalled one of the team’s core values ​​called ‘LEO’ that the team displayed all season, and especially against the Panthers. LEO stands for “love each other” and basically means that when you love each other, you play for each other no matter what.

You can tell the love for each other was there for Wolves on Thursday night throughout the game and afterwards as well, and it was obvious that this team really is a family.

After battling adversity all season, Wolves gave their seniors and program a strong start against an excellent program from United South Panthers.

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