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If one certainty has emerged amid COVID-19 and today’s supply chain backup, it’s that businesses need employees – more than ever.

As one of the largest private recruiting firms in the United States, Roth Staffing Cos. is well placed to help fill the recruitment gap. But Roth doesn’t just match job seekers with job postings. The Orange-based company strives to ensure that every hire matches the culture of the company it will join.

Roth is made up of specialized business lines that handle everything from staffing administrative and administrative positions to legal staffing and seeking attorneys.

The company’s commitment to creating a positive work culture has been recognized by Fortune, Great Place to Work’s “Best Companies to Work for” and Staffing Industry Analysts’ “Best Recruiting Companies to Work for”. This year marks the ninth time the company has been honored as the Best Place to Work in Orange County.

We asked CEO Adam Roth to talk about the current hiring climate, his company’s work culture, and how he supports nonprofits. His answers have been modified for space considerations.

Employers struggle to find qualified candidates to fill their positions, which is the main reason they use the services of Roth Staffing Cos. (Photo by Paul Bersebach, Orange County Register / SCNG)

Question: Employers in many industries are struggling to fill all their positions these days. Do you see proof of this among your client companies and do some offer hiring bonuses?

A: Yes, the difficulty of finding qualified candidates is the main reason companies use our services. The job market is changing at an unprecedented pace, and hiring managers and applicants alike must adapt to speed, multiple offers and counter-offers.

Companies are learning they need to act quickly and offer the best salaries, benefits, and additional incentives to hire their top candidates. Particularly with direct hire roles, this can include signing bonuses in some cases.

Question: Which of the industries you do business with have the highest demand for labor, and why?

A: Frankly, it’s in all industries. We are experiencing record volume and growth across all of our business lines, both in Orange County and across the country. Healthcare and IT set the tone during the pandemic, but in 2021 we saw incredible demand related to manufacturing and the supply chain. The financial and accounting roles are solid and the legal sector is rebounding. We are also seeing strong demand for sales and recruiting positions to fuel growth and help build internal teams.

Question: Roth Staffing Cos. supports many nonprofits, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Adopt-A-Pet, and Feeding America, and you encourage your employees to participate in these efforts. Did you get a lot of responses from the workers?

A: Yes, I am delighted to say that these programs are getting an incredibly positive response and participation among our colleagues. We engage in these partnerships because we are a values-driven organization and we are always looking for meaningful ways to give back to the communities we serve. Ultimately, however, it is the support and enthusiastic efforts of our colleagues that make it such a success.

Question: Your business is also focused on diversity, equity and inclusion among employees. Can you talk about it a bit?

A: Absoutely. Diverse representation has always been important to our organization as part of the second of our core values, “Respect and act on the dignity and worth of each individual.” However, the events of 2020 made it clear that we need to take a much more proactive approach to ensure that Roth Staffing is a place where everyone feels they belong.

We created a diversity working group to discuss the issues and recommend a course of action. We have set up colleague-led diversity discussion groups, a social platform to create a safe space for open and honest dialogue, and we have an internal monthly “Awareness and Perspectives” newsletter. It highlights topics related to diversity and presents the stories of our own colleagues. We also provide paid time off specifically to focus on diversity awareness.

Question: We still operate in a world of COVID-19. Are some candidates reluctant to accept a job where they have to be physically close to their colleagues?

A: We really haven’t seen much of this in recent months, with vaccination and an overall lower case count in most areas, but the problem varies depending on location and individual comfort level. The other thing to consider is that some of our clients are open to temporary employees working remotely. So, for those who are not comfortable going to a client’s workplace, there are remote options with some of our clients.

Roth Staffing Cos.

Based: 1994

Headquarter: Orange

Industry: Staffing services

CO employees: 144


“Improving the lives of the people we serve is our company’s goal, and it’s a philosophy we strive to drive internally and externally every day. »Roth Staffing Cos. CEO Adam Roth

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