Safeway Moving highlights its core values

The Miami-based moving broker and hybrid carrier draws public attention to the five tenets of its official corporate philosophy.

MIAMI, FL/ACCESSWIRE/May 18, 2022/ A company’s core values ​​say a lot about the execution of its day-to-day operations and, therefore, are a good indicator for potential customers to gauge its likely performance. Indeed, the fact that a company takes the time to articulate a set of core values ​​and makes the effort to publish them and make them known is something rare, and often means that it is led by people thoughtful and caring. Beyond that, it indicates a willingness, if not an eagerness, to be evaluated, and provides a list of easily referenced principles against which to compare its behavior and results. It is with all of these thoughts in mind that Safeway Moving, the national moving broker and hybrid carrier, would like to outline the five tenets of its official corporate philosophy.


The foundation upon which all of Safeway Moving’s other core values ​​are built is integrity, and the company ensures that all members of its team, from movers and drivers to logistics officers and management, act with the utmost great honesty and reliability. This is why Safeway Moving has cultivated such experience among its customers and within the long distance moving and storage industry.


Accountability goes hand in hand with the company’s philosophy of integrity. It is made clear to each Safeway Moving staff member that they are responsible for performing their duties efficiently and treating customers with courtesy. That being said, moving long distances is a laborious industry that incorporates many different logistical elements, and problems inevitably arise. The difference between Safeway Moving and many other moving companies is that its team members do not deny or shirk responsibility when issues arise, instead, acknowledge all mistakes and work hard to resolve issues as soon as possible. as possible.


Another important value for Safeway Moving is to maintain clear communication with its customers at all stages of a move. The company knows full well that moving, especially over long distances, can be an eminently stressful experience. During all of its moves, Safeway Moving sends constant updates and progress reports to its customers, effectively allaying any anxiety that may build up about deadlines or asset condition.

Positivity and Compassion

Safeway Moving staff learn to adopt a positive and caring mindset at work. That’s not to say that they exude nothing but cheerfulness, but rather that they bring an air of enthusiastic and industrious energy to their work. Team members are expected to support each other and customers while maintaining fidelity to the detailed processes defined by the company.


Finally, Safeway Moving was founded on the principles of military-style commitment and excellence. The company strives to instill its core values ​​in its staff on a weekly basis. To this end, each of their team members believes in doing the best job possible for the client, other team members and the organization as a whole. Safeway Moving never backs down from its commitment to its values.

Anyone curious to learn more about Safeway Moving and the many moving and storage services they offer is encouraged to visit the official site.

About Safeway Moving:

Based in Miami, Florida, Safeway Moving is a hybrid moving broker and carrier with a clearly stated mission: to provide a smart and efficient solution to our customers’ moving needs and to raise the standard for long distance moves.

The company was founded by a US Army veteran with a vision to develop a system rooted in the five fundamentals of Integrity, Accountability, Communication, Positivity and Engagement. As a result, Safeway Moving has become a reliable industry leader, specializing primarily in long-distance moves, as well as long-term and short-term storage. Now benefiting from a network of small business partners that stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific and everywhere in between, Safeway Moving is well positioned to serve its customers nationwide.

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