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American McGee shared the narrative diagram for their proposed third entry in the Alice series, Alice: Asylum.

Alice: Asylum is currently in design and was put together by McGee in consultation with his Patreon backers, in a process McGee calls “crowd design.” As reported by EurogamerThis narrative plan details the plot of Alice’s third game and was written by McGee and Alex Crowley. The document was finalized on August 20, implying that it was only recently completed.

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American McGee took to Twitter to share the document, saying, “The ‘Alice: Asylum’ storyline PDF is now publicly available on my Patreon. You can participate in the crowd design process even if you are not a patron (although you should feel good about yourself). walked and dirty if you do, I mean it’s like $ 1 a month, come on man) “.

McGee later said, “The narrative it contains is still a work in progress. Some elements (the dialogue for example) may seem downright awkward. The polishing phase of those elements will come next as part of the design process of crowd, ”he added. . “After that, this content will be used to drive the production of the Design Bible. And keep in mind that this content is not an exhaustive collection of everything we imagine to be in the game – but the minimum amount required for convey the main story. Once this document is locked, it will be necessary to create additional dialogues, locations and scenarios in more detail. ”

If you plan to check out the narrative design, be aware that it essentially contains the entire story of a game that could possibly be made one day. McGee also issues content warnings for “scenes depicting themes of child abuse and family deaths,” among others.

The end result of this narrative design is to get a third Alice game lit by EA so that it can begin development. McGee was previously in talks with EA to take control of the license himself, but given the ongoing work on the game, it appears he failed to reclaim the rights.

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