The NGO AMYAA launches the second phase of the COVID relief campaign



The NGO AMYAA, in collaboration with the NGOs Grassroots UNITED and with the support of the Umeed project, received 2,500 ration kits from CryptoRelief. Kasung Ngurup Damo, DC, Roing, has launched the second phase of COVID -19 relief distribution by NGO AMYAA in eastern Arunachal Pradesh.

Speaking on the occasion, Damo applauded the organizations and volunteers behind the relief program for their generous contribution to public and social well-being during these difficult times of the pandemic. He advised beneficiaries to strictly follow the SOPs and guidelines instructed by the district administration and also asked everyone to get vaccinated.

As the nation battles the second wave of COVID-19, the NGO AMYAA has stepped forward to distribute dry ration kits to the most needy people in the region whose livelihoods are most affected by the pandemic.

The beneficiaries of the ration kits depend mainly on daily business activities, including labor and the sale of vegetables. AMYAA NGO President RK Paul said the organization was doing its best to reach out to donors and various organizations across India to mobilize and purchase essential commodities and provide support to vulnerable individuals and families in targeted districts of the state.

Dry ration kits distributed to the needy

This year, the NGO AMYAA, during the first phase of relief distribution, distributed 1,000 relief rations to three districts (Dibang Lower Valley District, Namsai and Changlang District) as well as 10,000 face masks, 400 Oximeters and hand sanitizers given the growing number of COVID-19 cases in Arunachal Pradesh. “After the increase in the number of cases, we realized that it was going to be very difficult for those who make a living on a daily basis. This is why we have launched the relief campaign to help and motivate these vulnerable families, ”he said.

“With the second phase of the relief campaign, the NGO AMYAA aims to provide relief rations to 2,500 families in Arunachal Pradesh. To date, 600 ration kits have been sent to Namsai district after coordination with the district administration and 500 ration packs have yet to be shipped to Anini, Dibang Valley district. This has been worked out in contact with the Dibang Valley District Administration and once the weather and road conditions improve, we will send it, ”said Paul Chawang.

The beneficiaries of this campaign thanked the organizations for providing them with ration kits. One of those beneficiaries, Bijay Thakur, said: “Since last year we have been fighting COVID-19. The NGOs have helped us a lot. They had delivered food packages last year and I am very grateful that they are even helping us this year. Karan Chetri, another beneficiary, said: “The condition is bad because of the lockdown. I would like to ask everyone to help each other in any way they can ”.

The Grassroots United network has emerged as a platform for nonprofits to showcase their efforts collectively to mobilize resources and ideas and collaborate on the way forward.

The NGO AMYAA is also one of these local NGOs from all over India. The Umeed project had since provided aid and support to NGOs working in the field. They provided relief rations and medical supplies with the support of Crypto relief.

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