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22 November 2021

University police investigation report for Sunday, November 21, 2021.

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On the evening of Sunday, November 21, the university police department received a report of suspicious individuals in and around the Feliciano School of Business, carrying a large suitcase. The case was left in the building when the suspected suspect left the building, leaving campus. The campus community was informed via our RAVE text alert system that a report of suspicious individuals had been made to the UPD and that there was no known emergency.

The UPD immediately investigated the area and inside the building, going room by room. Rumors quickly began to spread on social media that a gun had been sighted on campus. No firearms or suspicious persons were found. The campus community was again informed via RAVE that there was no emergency on campus and that the suspected suspects had left campus two hours earlier.

Further investigation by the UPD revealed that a student had come to campus to bring audiovisual material and a tripod back to a room at the Feliciano School of Business. The door access codes confirmed this activity. UPD also contacted the student directly to confirm that he had entered the room and returned the equipment. It is believed that the person who reported the suspicious activity might have thought that the tripod case may have contained a weapon. But at no time was a weapon seen or present on campus and when the witness’s report was made, the alleged suspect had already left campus.

UPD encourages all members of the campus community to report any suspicious activity. Additionally, all members of the campus community should refer to emergency notifications for confirmed details. If it was a real emergency, the University would immediately have communicated the safety protocols to be followed.

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