Vice President’s Work-Life Balance Push

Vice-President Mr. Venkaiah Naidu stressed the need to maintain work-life balance.


Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu on Monday stressed the need to maintain work-life balance and gave equal importance to professional duties and family responsibilities.

Addressing a rally after the launch of the book “Dr VL Dutt: Glimpses of a Pioneer’s Life Journey”, written by VL Indira Dutt, Naidu urged all business leaders to define their human resources policies in such a way. that their employees are able to manage their work. -balance of life easily.

“This would not only lead to better employee performance, but also help solve the mental health issues that are increasing in our company,” he said.

In an age when people are faced with increasing stress, mental health becomes important along with physical health.

He stressed the need for people to spend time in nature and participate in outdoor activities to relax.

The vice president advised young people to preserve and propagate India’s centuries-old mixed family system, according to an official statement.

He urged young entrepreneurs to find time for sports and outdoor activities.

He congratulated the late industrialist VL Dutt for having perfectly maintained the balance between his family life and the business world.

VL Dutt was a respected industrialist, philanthropist and visionary par excellence, who inspired an entire generation of young entrepreneurs, he said.

As head of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Dutt was instrumental in bridging the gap between government and industry during the crucial years of 1991-92, was t -he adds.

The Governor, RN Ravi, the Minister of Environment of TN, Siva V Meyyanathan, Chairman and Managing Director of KCP Limited, VL Indira Dutt, Joint Managing Director, V Kavitha Dutt attended.

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