What new documents reveal about Jeffrey Epstein’s final days

“The lack of meaningful interpersonal relationships, the complete loss of status in the community and among associates, and the idea of ​​potentially spending his life in prison,” the autopsy continued, “were probably contributing factors to the suicide of Mr. Epstein. “

The Bureau of Prisons, in a statement, declined to comment on Mr Epstein’s detention, but said “the safe, secure and humane housing of inmates is the BOP’s top priority.”

The office said it had established a task force to address the mental health implications of detainees alone and that it was committed to improving its suicide prevention program, including “continuing to train staff at the prison. BOP to suicide prevention, risk assessment and emergency response “.

This fall, the Justice Department, citing poor prison conditions, also temporarily closed it, moving its prisoners to other facilities.

The Times obtained the documents after suing the Bureau of Prisons, which had repeatedly denied its requests for public registration. As part of a settlement, the agency agreed to hand over internal memos and emails, visitation logs, handwritten inmate notes and the psychological reconstruction of Mr Epstein’s death. Many documents have been heavily redacted; some were fully accepted, including a number of files associated with the previous suicide attempt.

In an April hearing in the Times trial, Manhattan District Court Judge Paul A. Engelmayer said he was “struck by the audacity of the Bureau of Prisons’ initial refusal” to make the records available. in a case he described. as a “massive epic failure”.

“It certainly raises a concern,” added the judge, “that the cars are surrounded.”

Mr. Epstein’s stay in the detention center began on Saturday, July 6, 2019, after his arrest at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, where he arrived from Paris on a private jet. An indictment charged Mr Epstein, 66, with many years recruiting dozens of teenage girls to perform sex acts with him at his Manhattan mansion and Palm Beach, Florida estate, by paying them each hundreds of dollars in cash.

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